Monday, April 6, 2015

Dog attack report - 1Q 2015

We last presented the dog attack statistics on January 2nd of this year to wrap up 2014. In the 12 weeks since the previous report, there were 132 Americans injured, 95 maimed, and 6 mauled to death by pit bulls. The only other fatality so far this year was a single death from a Rottweiler, and no other breeds have committed a fatal or disfiguring attack to date. 

Gruesome pit bull attack caught on camera

There is one fact that stands out in stark clarity, when the data is examined: The breed of dog is, by far, the most significant determinant of risk in dog attacks. No other factor comes close to mattering on anywhere near the same scale.

Breakdown of fatal dog attacks over the past 34 years 

In all the serious dog attacks which have been reported since 1982 for which breed could be determined, pit bulls committed more than twice as many of the attacks as all other breeds combined.

The 5 most dangerous breeds

The list of the top 5 worst offending breeds has not changed since last report, except that pit bulls have increased their lead over all other types of dogs. 

Sadly, the record of pit bull violence against humans is just the tip of the iceberg. The real horror is the savagery with which pit bulls torture and kill pets and farm animals. Their lot is orders of magnitude worse. We pan to address that issue in more detail.

An innocent victim of everyday pit bull violence

The full report which tallies the North American dog attacks on humans since 1982, broken down by breed, can be read in full here:  Dog attack stats with breed - 2015 Q1

Discussion: Neighbor's pit bull attacked my dog!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The pit bull attack on my doodle

Reader Sonya writes about her harrowing pit bull experience. Her last name is not divulged here, out of the very real concern of stalking and retribution from the pit bull advocacy for her speaking openly about what happened. Pit bull attacks on animals take place many times every single day, and with the sheer volume of attacks, we can become numb to the problem. That is why we take the time to tell these individual stories when we can.

My boy, in happier times

Last September I was camping at a State Park with extended family. We were sitting around the fire pit around 10pm. My dog, Bryant, was tethered to my camp chair on a short walking leash. (LUCKILY - all the little kids were already in campers in bed.) A dog walked onto our site. I didn't think anything of it - I'm a dog lover and felt bad he was wandering around lost. The dog walked between our chairs and the fire pit. Passed me and my dog, paused, turned around and came back. Stood there, sniffed my dog, and then attacked him.

I shot up and my dog was dragging the chair trying to fight off the pit. I was SCREAMING for somebody, anybody to help. My dog rolled over in submission (as he ALWAYS DOES, he's a goldendoodle) and the pit starting biting him in the stomach!! My husband got the pit by the back legs and pull him back everytime he went for Bryant's neck. He ended up getting him on the top of the head and dragging him. The cries that came from my dog were horrifying! The worst sound I have ever heard....and I will NEVER forget them. I knew if the attack didn't stop, he was going to die. I got in there and tried to separate them. That's when he latched onto my fore arm.

He dragged me by my arm a while. I was screaming for help, somehow, my husband pulled his back legs at just the right moment and wrapped Bryant's tie lease around his neck and pulled tight. It was over. I pulled my coat off and put my hand over my wounds, and went looking for my dog. Everyone was screaming at me to take care of myself but I didn't know the pit was secured and I needed to get my dog in SOMEONE'S camper! That's how blood got all over my in laws trailer.

During this WHOLE ORDEAL, the owner was 2 streets over. In a campground in the middle of nowhere, she HAD to hear my screams. When they finally came, I was already in the car on the way to the hospital. My sister in law said they didn't ask what happened, if anyone was okay...nothing. Just wanted their dog.

The aftermath

Since then, I am paralyzed by a dog barking. I look for stray dogs every time I step outside my house. Even in my own garage. I buckle in my kids constantly glancing at my driveway. I haven't been on a walk. I run into stores. If I SEE a pit bull, my heart races and I go into an almost panic mode. I make a quick plan of action in case it attacks my kids. I am SO PARANOID when I have my kids outside. I now carry around a spring loaded knife. Always. My dog will never, EVER go camping again....and I don't know if I'll ever be at ease if we do. I'll be afraid for my kids...HAVE TO PROTECT MY KIDS. There is a pit 50 yards from my house and I am ALWAYS on alert. Even when my dog is in our fenced in back yard. There is life before the attack and after. It will never be the same. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Kind-hearted Rhona

Her name was Rhona Greve; she was 64 years old, and she will forever be 64 years old. She was a Welsh woman with a good heart, who had brought up her errant grandson, Craig Greve, 24, as though he was her very own son. 

He was to become the deadly instigator of her death.

Banned 3 years ago from EVER keeping another dog again, he decided the law did not apply to him, and he became the owner of an American Bulldog called Solo. On Friday, he paid a visit to his loving grandmother and he took Solo with him. Solo savaged the woman that loved Craig and who had cared for him all of his miserable life, inflicting 16 horrific 'bite injuries' that culminated in her ghastly death.

Since 1999, 4,263 Welsh people have been admitted to hospital suffering from dog attacks. Rhona Greve did not survive her injuries to become one of them.

She is dead. Forever. Her family are said to be distraught, but did any one of them step up and report her grandson who was clearly breaking the law?

A 17 year old youth was also arrested after the killing; is it possible that this sweet woman had yet another errant grandson?

At the scene, Solo the American Bulldog was covered in blood and continuing to be ferocious.

The case has now prompted those in positions of power to be asked to impose more breed specific bans on certain breeds of dogs, and to make ownership of those dogs more difficult, alongside restrictions on who can own them. American Bulldogs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers AND their deadly crossbreeds are LONG overdue for these regulations.

Rhona is dead. And soon, if not already, Solo will also be gone.

But there are other Rhonas, other Craigs, other Solos. A grandmother, a grandson and a dangerous breed of dog. When stars collide and the universe offers up a preventable canine tragedy, we see again and again THE USUAL BREED CULPRITS; the Fighting breed dogs posing as PETS.

Rest in peace, kind-hearted Rhona.

Welsh woman mauled to death

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Rocky

On July 21, my mini schnauzer named Rocky and I were going for our evening walk. Rocky was very happy when I put on his leash. When I opened my patio gate, we were immediately attacked by an off leash pit bull. It happened so fast I couldn't believe it. I beat on the pit bull with my cane, but the dog bit me and continued to attack my Rocky. It was the most horrible thing I ever witnessed. Finally, 2 neighbors were able to get the pit bull off of Rocky. I knew in my heart that Rocky was not going to survive, but I rushed him to the nearest animal hospital. Rocky was in extreme pain for 2 days. He died on July 23. The attack on Rocky broke my heart, and it changed me forever. I cannot believe that my best friend was killed while he was doing the thing he loved the most - taking a walk with me.

I remember you playing with your toys,
I remember you watching cartoons with me,
I remember taking you on walks,
I remember the children calling you Rock Star,
I remember brushing your beautiful fur,
I remember giving you treats,
I remember you sitting on my lap,
I remember how happy you always were,
I remember how much you loved me.

I remember...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Dog attack report - 2014 year end

As the last of the year end reports rolled in, the record keepers have published the final 2014 update of the report on dog attacks, by breed. In a continuing trend well known to those who are paying attention to such details, pit bull type dogs have dominated the grisly contest as never before.

Savage pit bull attack on 6 year old  Zainabou Drame

During the entire history of the US up until the 1980s, fatal dog attacks were exceedingly rare. Years would pass with no incidents. But beginning in the 1980s, when pit bulls began to be aggressively pushed as family pets, fatal and disfiguring dog attacks on humans have been rising dramatically. In looking at the data, one makes the remarkable discovery that, if one could somehow remove pit bull attacks from the equation, we would be back to a 1960s level of dog attack related fatalities.

Zainabou Drame, 6 months after the attack

This of course flies in the face of the nonsensical mantra spouted by pit bull supporters that breed is not a factor. What is eminently clear to anyone who takes even a casual glance is that breed is by far the most significant determinant of risk.

A bloody aftermath: how much is enough?

It is an oft-repeated myth that pit bull attacks are a result of thugs, drug dealers and dog fighters mistreating these poor, misunderstood dogs, and "training" them to attack. So, just to be completely clear, we'll reiterate that the report does not include attacks by any dogs falling into that category:

"Attacks by police dogs, guard dogs, and dogs trained specifically to fight" are excluded.

A look at the individual cases makes it alarmingly clear that the majority of pit bull attacks on humans are from well-treated "family pit bulls" - and in most cases, as a sudden, prolonged and relentless surprise attack.

Rest in peace dear one

In the month of December, 41 people suffered serious attacks by pit bulls, 22 were maimed or disfigured for life, and 2 were mauled to death. One of those deaths was a Christmas day mauling by a well treated, loved and trusted pit bull in what has been called yet another "freak accident". I always thought of a freak accident as something which happens rarely if ever. For example, if a man were somehow killed by his Irish Setter, that would be a freak accident.  Sadly, pit bull attacks do not fall into that category, as Americans are suffering serious or fatal pit bull attacks daily, and proud pit bull owners and rescuers continue to be killed by their beloved pets. 

There was one other fatality in December, from a Rottweiler. There were no serious attacks by any of the other breeds listed in the top 5.

Animal lovers note - as bad as the toll of pit bull violence against humans may be, the horrific violence visited by it bulls upon defenseless animals is orders of magnitude worse in terms of sheer numbers. One can get an idea of the scope of the problem here: How many animals did pit bulls kill last year? Victims like this poor horse are numerous:

The full report which tallies the North American dog attacks by breed on humans since 1982 can be read in full here: Dog attack report 20141231

Friday, December 5, 2014

Dog attack report by breed - Nov 2014

Since the previous report in October, pit bulls have continued to single themselves out with a high rate of disfiguring and fatal attacks against humans. The dogs that commit the attacks are not, as some like to infer, abused, neglected or mistreated animals. Virtually all of the dogs involved in these attacks have been well treated "family pit bulls", many of which were also well-behaved before launching the sudden, violent surprise attack.

A quick review of the top 5 breeds associated with fatal attacks since record keeping began in 1982 shows pit bulls as the worst offenders with Rottweilers a very distant second, followed by Huskies, Wolf hybrids and Bullmastiffs, which had previously displaced German Shepherds from the top 5 and are moving up the list very quickly. Given current trends, fatalities from Bullmastiffs are expected to surpass those from wolf hybrids within the next few months, and from huskies within the next year or two.

A picture is, as they say, worth 1000 words, so here is a pie chart presentation of the fatalities listed in the spreadsheet snippet above:

We find it rather telling to compare the distribution of attacks by breed over the past 30 some years to what we're seeing in the past 2 years. As pit bulls have increased to about 6% of the dog population, their share of fatal and disfiguring attacks on humans has simply swamped all other breeds combined - this despite the fact that the vast majority of pit bull attacks are committed against defenseless animals. Their violence against humans is merely the faintest echo of their violence against animals

You may download the full report for your study here

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hounded - a grieving father tells his story

Jeff Borchardt, like many of us, had bought into the myth that pit bulls are just like any other dog, and that it's all in how they are raised. He learned otherwise, losing his son Dax in a gruesome nightmare that nobody should ever have to experience. While his son's babysitter was carrying him, her well behaved pit bulls attacked her, knocked her down to get to Dax, and mauled him for 15 minutes in a relentless attack, during which the babysitter was also badly injured as she tried in vain to save him.

This alone is a heavy cross to bear, but there's more. As difficult as it is to believe, there are organized groups of people dedicated to suppressing the bad news about pit bulls, and spreading dangerous propaganda - the sort of propaganda that got Dax killed. These people are without conscience or common decency, and will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who dares to speak frankly about the risks associated with pit bulls.

Read the full story at Daxton's Friends