Saturday, January 5, 2019

Dog attack report - 2018 final

North America closed out 2018 with 40 fatalities from dog attacks, 31 of which were committed by pit bulls. (status updated due to corrections of old cases)

In addition to the fatal maulings, 623 North Americans were maimed or disfigured for life by pit bulls. It's important to note that even if someone is not mauled to death in a pit bull attack, their lives and the lives of their families are often irrevocably changed.

The elephant in the room, the thing nobody nobody wants to talk about, is the number of innocent pets and farm animals tortured to death every single day by loose pit bulls. It adds up to tens of thousands per year. And those animals who survive pit bull attacks are often never the same again -

Can we blame pit bulls? Dick Johnson weighs in: "That depends on how you define blame. We certainly can't pretend this bloodbath isn't happening. But on the other hand, pit bulls are simply doing what the breed was designed to do - nothing more, and nothing less. So the fault for this slaughter falls on those who insist on trafficking pit bulls into unsuspecting communities."

More alarmingly, the trends are getting worse. While pit bulls have killed more Americans than any other breed in every decade since 1851, in recent years pit bulls are killing more Americans than all other breeds combined, but a large margin. We will detail the breed distribution in a subsequent article.

In 2018, pit bulls and pit mixes killed over 3 times as many Americans as all other breeds combined. It's not from being starved, beaten or mistreated, as pit bull activists are quick to claim after every horrific pit bull attack. Do retrievers need to be starved, beaten and mistreated to make them retrieve? Do pointers have to be starved, beaten or mistreated to make them point? Of course not. So why the absurd claim that a purpose bred bloodsport dog needs to be starved, beaten and mistreated to make them do bloodsport?

Some naive pit bull activists will say, "my pit bull wasn't bred for bloodsport", which is fallacious. One might as well say, "I didn't raise this caucasian shepherd to guard my house" - it doesn't matter what purpose you think you bred it or raised it for, genetics will manifest. As the dog matures, it will begin manifesting it's genetic imperative, whether than be herding, pointing, retrieving, guarding - or bloodsport.

It's high time for real consequences. Those who traffic pit bulls into their communities need to be held strictly accountable for any violence done by those pit bulls. No token fines, or vaccination tickets. There must be heavy financial penalties, and jail time must certainly be on the table.  Attacking pit bulls need to be put down, no exception, and the owners and other responsible parties need to be targeted financially, and with prison time as appropriate.

References -

PDF of 2018 cumulative figures
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Dick Johnson, life coach and victim's advocate

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Report from the trenches: Holiday edition

Pit bulls are ruining the quality of life in our communities.

We've decided to keep the identity of this person anonymous, for their own sake, but their experience resonates with that of millions -  

My experience with these hideous blood sport breeds started in 2004 and has been non stop bad experience after bad experience. 

I have been attacked three times, family has been attacked, there have been multiple extreme attacks on community members within a 100' of my home, there have been multiple extreme attacks and multiple human fatalities with an hour's drive of my home, there have been multiple Pit Bull attacks on dogs and cats near me, my own dog was attacked three time in front of my house, my dogs have been attacked in public in parks, etc., too many times to count, my cats and my community cats have been mauled or killed, my favorite dog park was shut down due to the huge number of Pit Bull attacks and I am sure I have left out quite a bit.

I have had to change my entire life style. I have to keep weaponry on my porch to protect from the next Pit attack, be it on me or my loved ones or a passerby. I have not walked my community in six years. I am a very active person and love to walk and hike or jog. Not being able to step out my door when I have a spare hour and take a quick walk or run has had a major impact on me. I have had to quit running. Having to load up my dogs in a car to drive somewhere safe takes a toll on time I don't have. Having to keep multiple dogs to protect me and them from a Pit Bull attack is not something I ever wanted to do, but feel a need to do. None of the joys in my life are simple anymore, it is all about keeping me and my loved ones safe from the next Pit Bull attack. 

The worst part is the venom and hatred spewed by Pit Bull supporters at victims of their hideous breed AND the tolerance of others for these haters. Who would ridicule and mock a rape victim, child abuse victim, or survivors of somebody that has been murdered and do so with the blessing of society as a whole? Yet it happens all the time with Pit Bull attack victims. 

My catharsis is to shout it from the roof tops, educate and inform people, expose these hideous monsters and the breed they love, and to provide a safe place for others to come to learn about the breed to give them the information they need to be effective in fighting this plague at any level of government, among family, friends, and / or coworkers, or where ever a need presents itself.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

RIP sweet puppy - one of many pit bull victims

One of many reports on Facebook - 

About 6 years ago i got my babygirl a baby puppy for christmas... a little itty bitty white puppy... who she named Puppy💗 who was her best friend her baby her everything....

& last night he got attacked by a pitbull 😞 so they rushed him to emergency .... & there was nothing they could do for him..  he was hurt internally too bad for them to do anything 😞 so they had to euthanize him ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ my poor babygirl 💔💔

For more info -
FB Group - Our pets were attacked by pit bulls

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tears for Prada

There is an epidemic of animal abuse, and it's taking place in American communities, where 100 to 200 innocent pets are violently killed by pit bulls every day. Each of these victims has their own story. This is about Prada, but her story is hauntingly familiar to many thousands of bereaved pet owners.

Prada, a therapy dog who helped her family though times of loss and sadness, loved them unconditionally. She truly loved, and was loved.

That was tragically cut short when she was let into her yard, and within seconds, the neighbor's pit bull had set on her her with ferocity and cruelty, as the pit bull owners next door watched the massacre and listened to her screams.

As is virtually always the case, neither the killer, not the people who had inflicted the horror show on their community, faced any consequences whatsoever. The bereaved owner was left to bury their beloved, and grieve.

The killer shouldn't even have been alive, as it had already attacked another pet 2 weeks earlier. Animal control had done nothing about it, a common response to pit bull attacks. At some point, we have to ask - what is it going to take, to begin holding accountable those responsible for crimes like these?

Rest in peace, baby girl. You are sorely missed.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Between Bare Trees

This video has captured something wonderful. It's somehow both joyful and somber. All pet lovers can relate. 

I'm gonna bring a smile to your face
Ten thousand ways
Yes and I will embrace
New seasons
And if tomorrow the sky is gray
Well that's okay
Even the flowers fade
For good reason
This planet turns so fast
Everything burns
Ashes to ash
But for now you are mine
And I feel so alive

Rivers of love and peace
Flowing over you and me
Slivers of silver-blue between bare trees

That old kitty is a source of stress
I must confess
I'm gonna cry nonetheless
Yes I will
If the veterinarian says
It's for the best
I'll find her a place to rest
On the hill
This planet turns so fast
Everything burns
Ashes to ash
But for now you are mine
And I feel so alive

Rivers of love and peace
Flowing over you and me
Slivers of silver-blue between bare trees
Rivers of light and truth
Flowing over me and you
Slivers of silver-blue between bare trees...

Friday, May 18, 2018

Does the media demonize pit bulls?

It seems that every pit bull attack reported in the media provokes an immediate reaction from the pit bull activists, who recite the usual litany of talking points:

  • The press is singling out pit bulls
  • They never report on attacks by other breeds
  • Nobody knows if it was really a pit bull

However, a closer examination reveals absolutely no evidence for the idea that the press is carrying out a sinister plot to convince the public that pit bulls are dangerous. If anything, the press reports seem to soft pedal any negative reporting about pit bulls, and often engage in active damage control propaganda efforts on behalf of the problematic breed. 

Most pit bull attacks are headlined as simply "dog attacks", and you'd need to read the fine print to find out that it was actually a pit bull attack.

In a similar vein, whenever a pit bull commits a horrific, unprovoked, and fatal attack on a terrified, harmless little dog, the 'journalist' invariably refers to it as "a dog fight"

The standard script for pit bull reporting nearly always includes a closing word from a pit bull activist to remind us that "all dogs bite", and that pit bulls really do make swell pets, "if they are raised correctly".

So no, the media doesn't demonize pit bulls at all. If anything, they seem to run cover for them, to try to soften their image.

Consider the recent nationwide headline this past week: "woman killed by dachshunds" with the articles each featuring the obligatory stock photo of a dachshund. Here is a teachable moment. Let me drop some facts on you:

  • The killer dogs were not dachshunds. Full stop.
  • According to the vet, the dogs included a pit bull, and 4 pit mixes.
  • The 'dachshunds' lie was started by a shelter worker

Here is an image of the attacking dogs:

Statement from the Vet's office:


Conclusion: There is no anti pitbull agenda in the media.

Be advised that shelters lie. That's all you really need to know.

Update - snopes is participating in the pit bull cover up.

Animals 24-7 has an informative article on this. Read here

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

An informative new video on pit bulls

Check out this informative and fact filled video by Brittany Venti -

The Pit problem

She makes excellent points and covers the popular pro-pit talking points.