Friday, May 18, 2018

Does the media demonize pit bulls?

It seems that every pit bull attack reported in the media provokes an immediate reaction from the pit bull activists, who recite the usual litany of talking points:

  • The press is singling out pit bulls
  • They never report on attacks by other breeds
  • Nobody knows if it was really a pit bull

However, a closer examination reveals absolutely no evidence for the idea that the press is carrying out a sinister plot to convince the public that pit bulls are dangerous. If anything, the press reports seem to soft pedal any negative reporting about pit bulls, and often engage in active damage control propaganda efforts on behalf of the problematic breed. 

Most pit bull attacks are headlined as simply "dog attacks", and you'd need to read the fine print to find out that it was actually a pit bull attack.

In a similar vein, whenever a pit bull commits a horrific, unprovoked, and fatal attack on a terrified, harmless little dog, the 'journalist' invariably refers to it as "a dog fight"

The standard script for pit bull reporting nearly always includes a closing word from a pit bull activist to remind us that "all dogs bite", and that pit bulls really do make swell pets, "if they are raised correctly".

So no, the media doesn't demonize pit bulls at all. If anything, they seem to run cover for them, to try to soften their image.

Consider the recent nationwide headline this past week: "woman killed by dachshunds" with the articles each featuring the obligatory stock photo of a dachshund. Here is a teachable moment. Let me drop some facts on you:

  • The killer dogs were not dachshunds. Full stop.
  • According to the vet, the dogs included a pit bull, and 4 pit mixes.
  • The 'dachshunds' lie was started by a shelter worker

Here is an image of the attacking dogs:

Statement from the Vet's office:


Conclusion: There is no anti pitbull agenda in the media.

Be advised that shelters lie. That's all you really need to know.

Update - snopes is participating in the pit bull cover up.

Animals 24-7 has an informative article on this. Read here

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

An informative new video on pit bulls

Check out this informative and fact filled video by Brittany Venti -

The Pit problem

She makes excellent points and covers the popular pro-pit talking points.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

RIP sweet Bella

On August 26, 2017, around 7:30/8:00 a.m., my 10 year old Chihuahua Pomeranian mix, Bella, was tragically mauled to death by a Pitbull at large. The Pitbull attacked Bella and would not let her go despite numerous attempts by myself and my neighbour to try and release Bella from the Pitbull's grasp.

The Pitbull would just re-lunge and bite harder and could not care less that we were yelling and pulling and hitting and trying to release its jaw off of Bella. The Pitbull chewed on Bella for half an hour and made her suffer tremendously. There obviously was no muzzle and there was no collar or leash on the Pitbull.
Animal Protective Services is in the midst of an investigation and are determining whether the Pitbull should be euthanized and whether charges should be laid against the owner. I will be pursuing legal action against the owner as well, as Bella suffered tremendously, the Pitbull was not contained properly, the Pitbull was at large, the Pitbull entered my yard and attacked, and I am suffering tremendously, as are others who witnessed the devastating scene.

I have had Bella for ten years. She was always at my side, always on my lap, and always slept with me. To have someone at your side for ten years makes a huge impact on your life and on your heart. To see Bella suffer the way she did, to hear her yelps and cries, to see her eyes in terror and to be able to do nothing is beyond traumatizing. Every day I think about how much pain she must have been in, how scared she must have been, and how I was completely helpless in saving her or stopping the Pitbull from hurting her more. I feel like the worst mother for not protecting her, and the guilt is killing me. I replay the memory of this incident over and over and over again in my head and I cannot stop crying for how she left this world.

I was bitten in the process of trying to rescue Bella and had to get a tetanus shot, as well as antibiotics to stop any infection due to the bacteria in the Pitbull's mouth. I had to do this the morning of the incident. I also had to go to the Humane Society to discuss cremation the morning of the incident. I could not stay home and grieve.

I have two young children (one aged 5 and one aged 1). My 5 year old is suffering. I also have another dog, Luna (Lab/Shepherd), who is suffering. Luna does not eat much anymore and she mopes around the house with her tail between her legs. She was outside during the attack. I am not sure how much she saw. She will not leave my side now and seems extra timid.

Whenever I see a smaller breed dog, I cry. Whenever I see a Pitbull, I cry. I am terrified that this will happen to me again, and to others.

I am part of a Facebook Group - "Our dogs were attacked by Pitbulls" - and Pitbulls attack daily. It is an epidemic. The statistics are unbelievable. Pitbulls rank highest on the totem pole for maulings against other animals and against people. I am aware that other dogs attack, but the statistics show Pitbulls rank the highest, at a whopping 70% of maulings. The other 30% is all other breeds combined. Pitbulls may not be the most aggressive; I am aware that Chihuahuas are an aggressive breed, but a Chihuahua cannot kill; a Pitbull can! I am also aware that not all Pitbulls kill or attack. However, 1 in 40 does. How are we allowing this 1 in 40? Why are we not protecting other animals and ourselves???

There is a reason they are banning Pitbulls in parts of the world. But, those Pitbulls are coming here! The statistics are just growing and growing. Most Pitbull attacks against humans are on their own family members. Obviously loving them and raising them does not make a difference. Pitbulls have an instinct and you cannot take that instinct out of the Pitbull. Most Pitbulls will not act on these instincts, but 1 in 40 will! Again, how are we allowing this 1 in 40??? I think, if you want to own a Pitbull, it is at your discretion and you take the risk. But why should everyone else??? Why should we be scared to take our own dogs out for a walk, let our dogs out into our yard, and be scared for our own well-being?

I believe strongly in Breed Specific Legislation. Why is it so difficult and so hard to force a muzzle on certain breeds? I have a Lab/Shepherd. I know she is a very loving dog and I do not worry for one second that she would ever attack or hurt someone. However, I would put a muzzle on her if it means protecting me and my family, including my pets, from potential breeds that have an instinct they can act on. I would also put a muzzle on her if it means others would feel safe around my dog. I would follow the rules under this Legislation and I think this Legislation needs to come into effect now!!! I need justice for my Bella and every other animal and person that has ever been hurt by a Pitbull!!! Justice needs to be had, and we need to be protected now!

What is the reason for not allowing this??? I would love to hear your insight as to how it would hurt certain breeds to wear a muzzle. I would love to hear how this is such an inconvenience. I would love to hear how wearing a muzzle is too much trouble and too much effort, even if it means saving ourselves and our animals from potential attacks and killings. Why is the Pitbull coming first, over other animals and over ourselves?????

Yours truly,
Leigh-Anne Kane

Sunday, September 24, 2017

35 years of tracking dog attacks

It's been 35 years since Merritt Clifton first began collecting data on serious dog attacks in North America. (For the background - and an update -  visit this link: why Merritt started tracking dog attacks)

Young victim of pit bull attack

In collecting the data, Merritt carefully noted pertinent information, such as the type of dog involved in an attack. There are insights to be gained from studying this collection of data, and public safety would be well served by spreading it far and wide, especially in light of the fact that the CDC abdicated their responsibility by inexplicably halting the collection of such data in 1998.

Pit bull attacked it's owner when she tried to put a sweater on it

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the gap continues to widen between violent attacks by pit bulls, and by all other dogs. The data accumulated over the past 5 years or so makes the trend very clear.

Serious dog attacks May 03 2012 - Sep 20 2017

The number of violent attacks and deaths by pit bulls over the past 5 years are significantly greater than those from all other dogs combined. Pit bulls have killed 7 times as many people as the next deadliest, the Rottweiler. Pit bull mixes come in third, followed by the Bullmastiff (which is part pit bull) while German Shepherds and Boxers are tied for fifth.

Fatality comparison by breed, 2012 - 2017

To those who claim that their pit bulls are of a "sweet" temperament, allow us to offer this excerpt from the report:  "Temperament, I must emphasize, is not the issue illustrated by the above data, nor is it relevant. What this data reveals is actuarial risk. If almost any other dog has a bad moment, someone may get bitten, but will not be maimed for life or killed, and the actuarial risk is accordingly reasonable. If a pit bull or a Rottweiler has a bad moment, often someone is maimed or killed––and that has now created off-the-chart actuarial risk, for which the dogs as well as their victims are paying the price."

Tacoma woman mauled by loose pit bulls in parking lot

The report from Sep 20 2017 can be downloaded here
The report from May 03 2012 can be downloaded here

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dog, interrupted - by death and mayhem

South Carolina former Pit Bull owner speaks out bravely, following her own devastating realisation that Pit Bull control is an illusion, and that placing faith in a bloodsport dog very often means mayhem and death. In her own words:

"Here is a photo of my pitbull playing fetch with my Boston terrier, Nala. A year later Nala would be killed tragically by the same dog I raised from a pup that came as a rescue from a close friend.

Less than a month later she killed my cat who she was also raised with. I made the heart wrenching decision to have her put down because of the risk she could do it again and it could have been a child. It's a punch in the gut when you think your doing everything right to raise a balanced pitbull and they take your perception and flip it upside down.

Moral of the never know you have one that will kill until it does. For people who say it's how they are raised they are full of excuses and lack any form of empathy for people who did let an adorable "pibble" into their lives."

Monday, June 5, 2017

No animal deserves to die this way

"No animal deserves to die this way. Baby boy, baby boy.. I don't know where to start but no words will describe the love I have and always will have for you.:( 

I was walking my dog on our usual route we have walked for years. We were just a few blocks away from home when 3 pit bulls came out of no where / escaped the kennel they were locked in and attacked him. Watching my entire world get fought over like a chew toy was the most traumatizing thing I have ever experinced. He looked right in to my eyes like he was begging me to get them off of him and I tried. I tried and tried and tried and I wish I would have tried harder because now he is gone and I don't know what to do. He didn't deserve it. He was the best dog I have ever owned. I still can not grasp that he is gone.. 

Rest in peace baby boy. I am not okay with out you right now. I wish I would have known it was our last walk."


Tears for the innocent.

Link to news report

Monday, May 8, 2017

Yet another sweet, harmless dog mauled to death by a pit bull

Berkeley, California, May 2017.

Last night, she took a photograph of her sweet pet dog and herself together.
Then he was mauled and killed by a Pit Bull in his own yard. One moment, "we were so happy", and the next, heartbroken, bereaved and traumatised. This is the lasting legacy of Pit Bulls; the dog that is MEANT to kill other dogs, to enjoy it, or to die trying.

In the owner's words:

"As I sit here and try to understand today's events I cannot do anything but have a heavy heart.

@ 10:25 am I took my precious dog into my backyard to handle his business and he was attacked by a neighbors pit bull.
How that pit bull was able to come on my property is a mystery, however damages were done .

I yelled "get your dog before I shoot". 3 times I yelled this, dude broke down my fence to get his damn dog - he could not get his pit off my dog , he had to literally take a shovel and beat the shit out of his dog to get him to let mine go....
My dog bleeding and yelling, neighbor screaming they sorry, my dog bleeding more and yelping in pain .

Animal control did show up and took the pit to be put to sleep.
My dog lost his life in Berkeley, ca at the vets hospital, his wounds were so extensive ...

Now, I'm angry, mad, upset, sad and depressed, my daughter crying uncontrollably, she would not let me console her, she was mortified that our precious dog is now deceased because a fucking idiot did not secure his fence, knowing he was breeding pit bulls on his property.

Emotional damage this has caused my family is unconceivable.
He was family, he sleep with me every night, we played , laughed and had good times . Now he is a memory."

Now, he is a memory. 😭

Tears for the innocent 😢😢😢

This happens every single day in our communities. Let that sink in.