Sunday, September 1, 2019

Yet another pit activist gets an education

The pain, terror and suffering inflicted by pit bull activists continues to escalate, as they ramp up their activism in denial of history and genetic science.

Inevitably, a number of these pit activists will have a rude awakening, in the form of an ugly confrontation  with reality. Sadly, it is often other innocent parties who pay the price for these costly life lessons.

Our focus today is a recent Facebook post, from the group "Our Pets Were Attacked By Pit Bulls" which we highly recommend for anyone wanting to know what's going on in our communities.

So, a pit bull activist posted video of their newly adopted pit bull "smashing stereotypes" by sitting next to a kitten without killing it. She smugly declared "This is so funny! This is exactly how it is with Maggie and Max vs my pit bull Kali (laugh emojis) Pits aren't as scary as their rep"

A few weeks later, the inevitable happened: a type of dog which was the result of centuries of careful selective breeding to enjoy bloodsport, did what it's genetic blueprint dictated, and innocent blood was shed for fun:

Having seen what pit bulls were bred to do and to be, what action does this pit activist take? Does she have the killer put down, to avoid any further horror?

No, she simply laughs off the purpose-bred cruelty of the pit bull as "some quirks", and tries to make the "quirky" pibble someone else's problem.

This is the sort of deadly imbecility we as a society are facing.

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