Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wadena County Humane Society Lies and Blames Victim After Their Pit Bull Attacks

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While attending a Pet Expo at the County fairgrounds a 7 year old border collie service dog named Cheyanne was attacked by an adoptable pit bull named Lola owned by the Wadena County Humane Society. Someone had to use a stick to pry Lola's jaws off Cheyanne.

Blamed Victim and supposed pit bull harrasser Cheyanne before the accident

Cheyanne was rushed to the veterinary clinic with puncture wounds and possible nerve damage. The Humane Society blamed Cheyanne for the attack claiming that Cheyanne "harrassed" their pit bull despite eyewitnesses who say that Cheyanne was sitting calmly when the pit bull attacked. While the police believe the dog will be put down after 10 days, the Humane Society says they were not told to do so and still have Lola up for adoption - with no warning about "NO DOGS" on her post.

Cheyanne's owner, who says her dog alerts her to seizures, wants compensation for medical costs and possible replacement cost for a service dog and will bring her case before the county board meeting on Wednesday.

Any suggestions to the Humane Society about honesty, integrity, responsibility, public service, public safety and pit bulls should be directed here:

Wadena County Humane Society 501(c)(3) non-profit
310 Ash Ave NW hwy 10 west
Wadena, MN 56482

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 248
Wadena, MN 56482

Phone #: (218) 632-5938


  1. Don't you get it?!?...

    The "Humane Community" only has $Millions for Pit Bull Spay Neuter subsidy! Pit mauling victims will have to hold bake sales to raise funding.

  2. Thank you Jake. Lola the mauler is STILL up for adoption. I know two people have called already. One suggestion is to use gmail to place the call if you want to remain anonymous. Caller ID will show no number and location will be Palo Alto.

    This is outrageous that this humane society blamed the victim dog and still has Lola up for adoption.


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