Monday, July 4, 2011


Pit bull advocates often stick two claims together. First is that "pit bulls are the most abused breed." Second is that "they're the most forgiving." Remember that these are the same people who generally frown on breed favoritism and label such things as discrimination.

But look at how the chorus swells for Patrick the pit bull. For in their eyes, almost nothing can compare to his suffering unless it's another abused pit bull.

Meet Star, a mixed breed dog. She was short 40 times with a pellet gun and buried alive with her legs tied with what's presumed to be wire.

Although not seen in the first photo, part of her snout also seems to have been tied in wire at one point. It is not known how long she was under the earth, but the poor dog was horribly withdrawn.

The mixed dog was being fostered and seemed to be making emotional progress as seen by this last known photo of her. Sadly she suffered pancreatic problems and began to vomit. Although surgery was performed, she died soon after.

In my opinion this dog suffered a worse fate than Patrick. It is unknown how long she was being abused by her owner prior to being found, and what makes the situation worse is that not only was she neglected, but she was beat, hog tied, shot multiple times, and buried. She also was never fortunate to know a good life that Patrick know has the pleasure to experience.

Despite all her suffering, she has far less recognition that Patrick has. Accumulating 51% less support on facebook and only receiving .002% commentary and recognition compared to Patrick's plight. A plight that  constantly pushes the agenda of showing how sweet pit bulls are and who misunderstood the breed is. Although keep in mind Star was rescued two months after Patrick.

Amazingly Star did get one mention on Patrick's facebook page. A brief mention overshadowed by over 10 posts of Michael Vick, many pit bull plights, and BSL.

I find it amazing that no other breed advocacy group utilizes and exploits their breed of choice as much as the pit bull community.

Every pit bull rescued in their community becomes an everlasting hero in their eyes. They seem to view them as tally marks as though to say, "see?! This pit bull was abused and turned out just fine!" They do not hold up the dog because it was a dog, they hold it up and exemplify it because it was a pit bull.

It's just amazing to see how almost every rescued pit bull is commercialized to sell anti-BSL propaganda and mythos.


  1. Thanks for posting this digger -

    This is heart-breaking. It's a shame that this poor dog and others like her have never gotten the sort of love, the attention and $$ that has been lavished upon pit bulls like the Vick dogs - some of which brutally attacked and killed other dogs after their highly publicized "rehabilitation".

    In any case, the kinds of people who do this sort of things to dogs will do it to other people, and are IMHO a cancer that should be excised for the greater good.

    But that's just me.

  2. the scope of human depravity is boundless.

    the people responsible for this should be killed.

  3. The 10-year-old dog was called Star by its rescuers, but had originally been called Buttons, Mr Vella revealed. It had been owned by his mother-in-law and given to him after it started to shed fur, and Mr Vella decided to shooting it because of its old age.

    Mr Vella said that he shot the dog using a home-made gun – using a water pipe for a barrel – after digging up a hole for it. He also revealed that the dog had spent at least 14 hours buried before it was discovered.

    Mr Vella admitted to animal cruelty, but as a first-time offender, he could only be fined over the charge.

    But he could be jailed over the home-made firearm, which was manufactured to be silent when fired, and the prosecution, headed by Inspector Ramon Mercieca, is seeking an effective jail term.

    Magistrate Edwina Grima subsequently observed that Mr Vella had 7 registered firearms but nevertheless used the one he had manufactured, and stressed that this was a serious charge. She also noted that Mr Vella could have resorted state or voluntary services to dispose of the dog if he wanted to.

    Therefore, while taking his early guilty plea and clean criminal record into account, she imposed an effective jail term, and also fined him €10,000 and suspended his weapons and hunting licences for 2 years.

  4. should have a lifetime ban imposed on owning animals. prob a ban on weapons and hunting for life too.

  5. Pit bulls are trained and taught to please their owners! Their power and ability to fight is taken advantage of by ignorant power seeking humans. This is why they are the most abused animal on this planet, yet THEYsuffer the price for their loyalty. Know the facts before you talk your stupid shit about an entire breed!

  6. Well, "anonymous", I know for a fact that not every pit bull is trained to fight. Some of the most horrific maulings involve pit bulls who were raised from pups, kept inside the house, without the slightest hint of abuse, treated with love and care - until one day the animal decides, with zero warning, to attack.

    This is because the form and function of the animal are genetically determined. The pit bull was created specifically to kill; how then could anyone be shocked to learn that pit bulls kill and maim far more people, pets and livestock than any other breed?

    Just out of curiosity, when a pit bull kills its owner, who raised it from a puppy, who exactly is it trying to please?

  7. Not all pit bulls kill. A pit bull is an aggressive breed and was bred to fight.The dogs with the strongest tendencies are the ones bred the most. The ones that do not have those aggressive tendencies are bait dogs. All pit bulls will protect what is theirs with their lives. So, if you want a pitt bull that does not have the tendencies to be a true fighter then do your home work and look into the breeder that is breeding a pet/show dog. Not the guy next door who fights his dog on the weekends and has a back yard full of pit puppies for $25.00. Pit bulls are not the only breed that is aggressive or will protect theirs with their life, after all that is their job. The people that own these dogs have to remember that they own a dangerous dog at all times and do their JOBS.

  8. The pit bull advocacy doesn't really care about the horrible injuries their dogs inflict either. I don't know how many of the owners of the injured dogs, cats and livestock, got so much as an "I'm sorry", or monetary resitutions either.

    I do wish they would use pit bulls instead of Beagles for all of those lab experiments, however. The labs use them because they are sweet, even though they score much lower on the ATTS than pit bulls, so they say. I'm sick of the deliberate manipulation by the pit bull advocacy, and the root of the problem is the sort of person who is attracted to owning a pit bull in the first place. Advocates love to post a photo of a horribly injured pit bull, and claim this is the face of BSL. They can't seem to get it that BSL would take dogs out of the most irresponsible and cruel hands, people who couldn't afford the liability would not be able to own them legally.


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