Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Overheard in a technical forum

I was reading an online article in a technical forum today where a discussion arose in the comments thread about the reliability of paypal. I found it interesting to see the following comment from a tech guru in Texas:

Using paypal is like owning a pit bull. Sure, it treats you good and seems harmless, (sans a huge appetite for your money in service fees) But one day, for reasons only it understands, it will turn around and bite the cr@p out of you.

Am I the only one who thought that comment was over the edge? Hopefully, after he cools off, he'll apologize to paypal for the comparison.


  1. haha!! that really was a devastating blow to paypal.
    please send me the link!!!

  2. Your analogy is false! Pit Bulls ARE NOT LIKE paypal!
    ALL DOGS can have a loose wire or turn on people- ALL DOGS, ALL BREEDS! A jack russell ripped a friend's nose off, their family pet for over 7 years. But they didn't hate it, they rehomed it elsewhere. I had a beagle mix bite me. So get your stories straight, knowledge yourself on the breed, and stop being narrow minded. The breed suffers such stereotype due to ignorant people like YOU.

  3. Candice Knight, you must be a horrible person to have a beagle mix bite you. according to the fight for your rights pit nutter, dogs possess creep detection abilities and bite them.

    but, i agree with you. pit bulls are not like paypal.



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