Monday, January 16, 2012

Pit bulls attack service dog, pit owners flee the scene

Authorities are looking for a man and woman whose pit bulls attacked a service dog at a Washington State Vets office. After the attack, the couple herded the pit bulls into the car and fled the scene.

The middle-aged male and female, both white, were in a silver SUV with Washington plates ADF6496.

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  1. The vet office has insurance for this kind of thing which ocurred in their parking lot. If they want to have Pit Nutter clientele, they need to pay up. It's just business afterall...

    Gotta wonder how much the veterinary lobby makes sewing up victim's pets?...Then you have the lucrative euthasol sales..Over one million annual doses for Pit Bulls alone!

  2. hmmm..

    terrierman says there are 40, 000, 000 lbs of pit bulls killed in shelters.

    googling euthanasia drugs, i found 100 ml bottles for $40 and $60. i'll just average that to $50 per 100 ml which yields $2 per ml.

    1 ml is needed per 10 lbs.

    so if my math is correct, it costs our shelters (and big pharma sales) $8,000,000 JUST in pit bulls. i couldn't begin to calculate pit bull victims.

  3. Some people are just to stupid to be real!!!

  4. Another buch who would love to blame a breed instead of owners of the animal. Your ignorance astounds me as always sence some of you have so much time look at repots from the 70s 80s 90s and today when other breeds were more popular you will c it was Dobermans shepherds Rottweilers not pitbull overbreeding by ignorant people and no time spent wilth the animal is why they have a bad name quit blaming the breed!!!!!

  5. We are also elitist spellers and punctuators.

  6. This is really disgusting, but it really doesn't surprise me the way the pit owners behaved. This is the way most pit bull owners behave. They always say "don't blame the dog, blame the owners," when in fact, when something like this happens, they usually blame the victim! This poor service dog will be lucky if it can go back to work, and the handler, I'm sure, is devastated. Most people don't understand what service dogs do for people. Service dogs are their handler's eyes, ears, arms and legs and they give their handlers the independence and freedom they wouldn't otherwise have without their service dog. People have NO idea how much it hurts both the service dog and the handler. It costs up to $50,000 to have a service dog, and all the blood, sweat and tears put into these dogs doesn't compare to just having a pet. So now, because of some selfish, stupid pit bull owners that think it's so much more important to have a vicious dog than to think about the safety and welfare of their communities, this handler has lost their freedom and independence, and the dog may have lost its ability to serve its hander forever. Stupid pit bulls and their owners, they BOTH make me SICK!!!

  7. So Close!

  8. Wow that is close. Maybe there is an exact match out there somwehere...

  9. LOL, yes, maybe. It was just funny, I immediately thought of you.


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