Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous?

What do you think, are Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous? You might find these observations by Terrierman interesting. I have a lot of respect for a realistic pit bull man who understands what he's about. After reading this article and others, you might find that daily dose becomes habit-forming!

- Terrierman's Daily Dose -:

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  1. I like Terrierman a lot, though we don't agree on every point. (For example, he's down on clicker training). He is right on target about pit bulls, however. But he's not a pit bull owner, as far as I know. He has hunting Jack Russell Terriers, not pit bulls. The dog in the photo above is a JRT in an earth, digging down to a fox, groundhog, etc.

  2. Good point - he has apparently lived with many types of dogs in the past, including pit bulls, but JRTs are his specialty. It's clear that when it comes to pit bulls, he has a better grasp of the situation than do most pit bull apologists.

  3. You might want to check his most recent post on pit bulls. He has missed the boat big time.


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