Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arkansas nightmare: pits kill owner

News coverage of deadly attack

In what has become an almost routine event of late, another pit bull owner was brutally mauled to death by her pit bulls. 45-year-old Deborah Renee Wilson, of Jefferson County, Arkansas, was found by her husband when he returned from a visit with a neighbor to find "a gruesome scene" - the pit bulls tearing his wife apart as she lay bleeding profusely. Calling 911, he immediately attempted to help her, but the pit bulls turned on him and he was unable to render aid.

When animal control officers arrived, they managed to capture one of the pit bulls, while the other, dangerously out of control, was killed. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

A curious fact came to light during the ensuing investigation - the woman had been attacked in the past by those same pit bulls, requiring a trip to the emergency room for treatment.

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Pets turn deadly on owner - KATV News:

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  1. you forgot darwin in the labels.

    i have zero sympathy this woman.

  2. It's reached a point where when yet another pit-worshipper is killed by their own pit/s, all of us are glad it was the nutter instead of a child or a passing jogger, someone's normal dog, or a horse, etc. Some of us are also glad public resources (such as the blood bank) weren't wasted or even completely emptied out trying to save the pit-worshipper's life, since the narcissist was DOA. And a few are glad there's one less sucking sociopathic narcissist on this earth who just loves to put all our lives in danger for their own ego kick. Yes, I know, this last one may sound mean, but it's not. These people are a threat to every child within a five mile radius. I don't think it's cruel to be glad one more is gone forever, one more took the consequences of their own choice instead of a child suffering those.

    The next step is to make sure the pit bulls that kill their owners are always, but always put down. No forgiving husbands or family members who get to take the killer home for yet another chance. Otherwise, these sucking sociopathic narcissists get to rule beyond the grave -- despite their own just death, they still get to threaten all our lives with the undog they chose.

    Can you believe our authorities have gone so insane that I had to add that second paragraph?

  3. Wow, Sweetiepie, you said it all! It is insane that a killer dog is ever NOT put down immediately. In the comments for this story, an obvious nutter claimed to know these people and that they were dog fighters, and went on and on about them. Obvious bullsheet. These people are disgusting. They will say and do anything. A nutter blogger actually had the nerve to say that in every pit attack case, she sees red flags, exonerating the beast. She seems a rather intelligent at least middle class white woman. A true nutter.

  4. I have zero sympathy for nutters who are killed by their own animals. There is plently of proof as to what this breed is like, but these people just ignore it. You reap what you sow.


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