Sunday, November 18, 2012

The story of Morgan the boxer

The story below represents an encouraging trend of late, an idea whose time has come, having been forced on us by irresponsible and sociopathic pit bull owners. What we are seeing, in the face of ever worsening pit bull attacks, is a growing willingness of citizens to defend their beloved animal companions with force.

My husband had just returned from Kuwait, and while he had been deployed, our 8 year old Boxer, Morgan, had been my constant companion, my protector and my best friend. My husband and I had taken Morgan for his nightly walk through the neighborhood when for some reason my husband turned around, and noticed a crouching pit bull moving towards us. He yelled "NO! NO! NO!"


The owner heard this and came running out to call "Lucy" back. "She just wants to play!" he said. I was shaking and my husband was warily silent. I was actually more worried about him than anything. He had just returned from a two year deployment to Kuwait and still at that hyper-vigilant stage common among warriors returning home. We decided right then and there that we would not leave the house without a weapon of some kind. My husband started carrying a knife from that point onward; Sometimes when we started to go on our walks, he would remember that he hadn't brought the knife, and we would walk back to the house to get it.

Pit Bull

This particular night I was cooking supper and for some reason Morgan could just not wait to go for his walk. So my husband decided to take him while I stayed home and finished cooking. He walked out the door but came right back in - he had forgotten the knife! About 30 minutes later, they came rushing in the front door. “CALL 911! Morgan was attacked by a pit-bull! CALL 911!!” I could also hear people yelling outside. (I later found out it was the pit bull owners family threatening to come back and finish the job!)

The scene of the grisly attack

Morgan and husband were two houses from home when this beast ran up from behind and tackled our 8 year old Boxer. This thing got Morgan on his back and started thrashing his neck! Morgan managed to get up and husband yelled, “Run Morgan run!” Morgan ran to a neighbor’s door trying to seek safety. The pit tackled him again. That’s when husband pulled the knife and started stabbing. He was so afraid he would stab Morgan! Meanwhile the owner is punching my husband and yelling at him to get HIS dog off of hers! Husband said the pit was starting to slow down as the stabs were getting to him and it turned around once and glared at my husband. He later told me he saw the devil in the pit bull's face that night.

After emergency surgery

 So, the police arrived and took our reports, and we took our severely injured Morgan to the animal emergency hospital where he spent several days. The Vet said it was the worst attack she had ever seen. The pit bull that tried to kill Morgan later died at the same hospital. It sickened me that they were in the same room!

Recovering from the attack

It was a long and bumpy road but I am happy to say Morgan has survived and is turning 10 this month (November). He has muscle damage though, and suffers horrible nightmares! Although the judge ordered the owner to reimburse us for our vet bills, she has not done so and there is a warrant for her arrest. We bought a new home and left our rental behind for a beautiful neighborhood where the pet owners appear to be responsible upstanding people.

A much-loved, happy boy, lucky to be alive

We don't leave home without a knife anymore. 

We applaud the courage and compassion demonstrated by citizens who refuse to stand by and watch their beloved pets being mauled to death. Recent events have made it clear that hesitation, passivity or indifference allows innocent animals to be mauled to death, while aggressive defense saves lives. In a society where loose pit bulls are becoming all too common, everyone needs to be aware and prepared. It behooves everyone to get whatever effective type of weapon you can legally have, and make sure you have a plan and the will to do the needful, should the worst happen. It could save your life, as well as the life of your innocent pet.


  1. I wish I had been brave enough to get the chainsaw or a hoe out that day when the neighbor's dog was eating my dog's neck. Don't ever let a pit bull leave your property alive. I now carry a knife too when I go out for a walk. I'm glad you were victorious and your Morgan lives on!

  2. thanks for show casing these animal attacks. it is nice that some people care. it sickens me how the animal right kooks and the humane orgs have turned their backs on the animal victims of pit bulldogs. at least this attack had a somewhat happy ending.

  3. Pit bull people allow their monsters to roam because they figure only something else will die (your child, your dog, or you). They don't care, as long as it's not their pit bull that ends up dead. They know they'll get to keep the pit bull (and to keep letting it roam) even after it's mauled a human being. It's become clear that the only way to make these sociopaths keep their four-footed monsters away from us is to put the fear of death into them -- it will be their pit bull that dies.

    None of us sane people wanted this, but at this point there's no other choice. Killing the pit bull is the only sane answer left now our authorities have capitulated to the mentally ill.

    The Halloween thing was apparently a prank, but the fact is that more and more people are killing any pit bull that starts an attack, and they're doing it all over the world.

    It's good for the pittie-patties to know this. Want your monster to stay alive? Then keep it far away from us.

  4. Glad Morgan is OK! Who would I speak with about getting permission to use one of his photos?

    Thanks so much!


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