Thursday, August 8, 2013

How pit bulls changed my life

In response to repeated, horrific maulings committed by pit bulls, the city council of Watertown, Wisconsin has been considering breed specific ordinances to address this breed specific problem. Naturally, pro pit bull organizations have been bombarding the city with threats and propaganda, and attempting to create the illusion of massive grass roots support for pit bulls. Hopefully, the concerns of normal people will not be drowned out in the shrill cacophony of strident pit bull advocacy. Here is an open letter that one Wisconsin resident sent to the Watertown city council. This poignant letter represents the side that sorely needs to be heard in this debate.

Good Morning,

My name is Jennifer Scott. On April 8th, 2009, my life changed forever. 

At the time I lived in a very nice apartment in Pewaukee and adopted a golden retriever puppy, Ruby. We walked to the lake every single day, even most weather couldn't keep us from doing what we both loved best. We’d run, jog, and walk, loving every minute. Then, one day, 2 pit bulls escaped a fenced-in area of their yard. I thought they were coming to meet my puppy. I never thought to be scared. I will make a very long story as short as I can. These dogs ripped my puppy apart, and threw me to the ground. It took 6 men to get them off of her. 3 were holding the pit bulls heads so that they couldn't shake her to death. Others trying to keep my puppy stable. I was in shock, utter disbelief. I have never heard a dog scream. Ruby screamed so loud that neighbors from 4 blocks away could hear her. That day will haunt me forever. It took 6 surgeries to heal my poor puppy who had done nothing wrong. The owner of the dog told the judge that his dogs were merely punishing my dogs because we were trespassing. The judge gave a bewildered look, and said, “Trespassing? I thought you said Jennifer and her puppy were walking on the sidewalk?” The owner stated the sidewalk belongs to him since he shovels and takes care of it. Unfortunately, this type of education level seems far too common with those who own and advocate for pit bulls. 

Fast forward to March of this year. I couldn't believe my ears when I turned on the television. A DJ whose music I came to like, had a young boy, Dax Borchardt, who was mauled by 2 pit bulls - mauled to death! 

I am still in shock. I hadn't even gotten over my own attack from 4 years before. I cannot take a walk without taking an anti-anxiety pill. I live in fear…every time I see one I go into panic mode. I have gained weight because I am simply scared to exercise outside like I used to. It’s hard to explain unless you've seen for yourself. But you can see for yourself; the proof is in the research. Any dog can attack, this is true. But when a pit bull goes to attack, it does so to kill. It will do anything it can to do just that. If you’re lucky, you may just have horrific scars or missing limbs. 

In a moment of honesty, forgetting perhaps how much he is being paid to say otherwise, Cesar Milan said this true word about the pit / bulldog types: “Yeah, but this is a different breed…the power that comes behind the bull dog, pit bull, presa canario, the fighting breed – They have an extra boost, they can go into a zone, they don’t feel the pain anymore. … So if you are trying to create submission in a fighting breed, it’s not going to happen. They would rather die than surrender. If you add pain, it only infuriates them…to them pain is that adrenaline rush, they are looking forward to that, they are addicted to it… That’s why they are such great fighters. Especially with fighting breeds, you’re going to have these explosions over and over because there’s no limits in their brains".

Quote again, just in case you missed it. "THEY WOULD RATHER DIE THAN SURRENDER". My dog had over 90 puncture wounds. I cannot even imagine the grief that Jeff and his wife, Kim, are going through. I beg you, to please look at the facts…the facts that will prove to you that the only way to keep Watertown a safe community is through BSL.

Here’s a picture of what they did to my dog. Please let me know if you need anything else from me or have questions.


  1. Wow. I found the trespassing comment interesting. When a woman's pitbull attacked my cows for the second time, she complained to the sheriff that my cows were a nuisance and were going to hurt her children."Did the cows get loose and enter your yard?" the sheriff asked, confused. "No", the woman answered. "My kids play in that pasture."
    The fenced pasture with the padlocked gates. She had no clue or sense of boundries. She refused to admit that she had done anything wrong or that her dog was dangerous. Animal Control has the dog. We'll see what happens.


  2. its truly disgusting for this to happen just once but it happens many times ,everyday, all over the world. the people who are okay with pitbull attacks want to down play this and to excuse this with unrelated things like cancer , traffic accidents and coconuts falling on peoples heads . i think this speaks for itself .

  3. These pit nutters are no different that sexual predators, constantly blaming the victim..

    1. THIS!!!!

      I was thinking to myself, as I read Jennifer's story... When she speaks of fear of going out and intense anxiety.... That I feel the same way! I was brutalized by a violent man, and my reaction to that (because of fear of being watched--he's off the grid--or odd little reminders in even innocuous things bring me right back to that time) is like hers. The fear, the pain, the reminders, shattered trust in the world/people. Damn near agoraphobic now.

      Long story short: your analogy is beyond spot on, it's perfect!
      Nutters=rapists and abusers
      All belong on the same tier in hell, all wreak the same brand of havoc/evil

  4. What makes me really sick is now she has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease that is probably caused by one of her vaccinations done exactly 2 weeks before she got the disease 2 1/2 weeks ago. More info here:

    I'm wondering if she is more sucepetible to disease because of all of her surgeries at 7 months from the attack. She is now 4.

    There is a reason we call them nutters...they're absolutely nuts. I sure hope they kill that dog,Farmer Jane. Shaun, I totally agree!!!!

  5. axis 2 cluster B people possess a hideously blurred sense of boundaries. their dogs are extensions of themselves as well as the physical spaces around them which is how they see the sidewalk as their own. i have seen them claim the sidewalks before but the pasture is a new one. not sure how far that pasture is from the mutants' home but claiming the privately owned and locked pasture as their playground is quite a stretch. i'm glad that judge and the sheriff saw through these lunatics. hope those mutants are dirt napped.

    sorry for your life altering pit bulldog experience jennifer, but i don't share your view that those who escape with scars and amputations as lucky though.

    1. Dawn,
      after the second attack the dog was deemed aggressive and they allowed the (skanky, lying) owner to move it to the next county. AC won't tell me where it is and I'm not sure they know. I'm so afraid it is going to attack someone else or their pets. A dog that can bring a 1000 pound cow (with horns) to it's knees is scary beyond my worst nightmare.

    2. You are absolutely right. They are not lucky, and neither am I. This has been a life altering experience that has forever changed me, and took a sense of innocence away from me as well.


  6. jennifer

    i really do think that most nutters are fully aware of the combative and dangerous nature of their pit dogs . they will of course deny this and say instead what awesome dogs they have . i take this as just the slimy nature of people who like nasty big powerfull dogs and who dont care how this impacts others . i think that all of us who care need regard the owners as the ones who are really causing this situation . they should be made to pay for the misdeeds of their ugly dogs .


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