Monday, May 12, 2014

Konen Dean Asa Dagley – attacked and almost killed by the family pit bull

This is a typical pattern of attack in which a well-treated, well-behaved, "family pit bull" with no history of aggression suddenly, with zero warning, asserts its genetic imperative.

The pit bull is the result of centuries of breeding a type of dog which will happily attack, torture and kill another creature for no particular reason. Let us not feign surprise when these motor patterns surface and pit bulls do what they were bred to do, any more than we should be surprised when a pointer points, or a retriever retrieves. 

It's well known that working dogs should be given a chance to do their work, or they can become frustrated. Border Collies without sheep to herd have been known to attempt to herd children. But the "work" of a pit bull is a felony in all 50 states. It's job is now a crime. 

What can be done and what ought to be done about this is a controversial topic, but the fact that there is a problem is not open to debate.

Please visit Daxton's Friends for the full story at the link below

Konen Dean Asa Dagley – attacked and almost killed by the family pit bull

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