Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dog attack report by breed - October 2014

In this month's update it is, not surprisingly, the pit bull type dog - originally designed specifically to commit atrocities against animals for sport - which continues to commit fatal and disfiguring attacks at a rate greater than all other breeds combined - this despite the continued insistence from pit bull promoters that "it's all in how you raise them".

Human victims of pit bull violence

Animal lovers also continue to be hit hard by pit bull violence, as beloved animal companions are killed in front of their horrified owners. Occasionally such attacks make the news. Lady, the harmless little dog shown below, was mauled to death on a Portland street car by a pit bull, even as she tried to get away by hiding behind her owner. One witness told reporters that it was the most horrific thing he'd ever seen.

RIP Lady (L); the blood spattered street car (R)

Aside from the violence against animals, pit bull type dogs injured 72 people, maimed 47 and mauled 4 people to death in the past month; pit bull mixes and other bully breeds committed 5 attacks.  

All other breeds combined were involved in a total of 3 attacks during the same period.

Top 5 offenders over the past 32 years

Without the pit bull attacks, it would have been a rather quiet month. It's apparent, when one looks at the 32 year record, comparing it to current month to month totals, that the pit bull problem is worsening. Unfortunately it will continue to worsen, until our leaders find the political will to stand against the pit bull lobby.

A copy of the full report as of Oct 5 2014 can be accessed here

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