Thursday, March 26, 2015

The pit bull attack on my doodle

Reader Sonya writes about her harrowing pit bull experience. Her last name is not divulged here, out of the very real concern of stalking and retribution from the pit bull advocacy for her speaking openly about what happened. Pit bull attacks on animals take place many times every single day, and with the sheer volume of attacks, we can become numb to the problem. That is why we take the time to tell these individual stories when we can.

My boy, in happier times

Last September I was camping at a State Park with extended family. We were sitting around the fire pit around 10pm. My dog, Bryant, was tethered to my camp chair on a short walking leash. (LUCKILY - all the little kids were already in campers in bed.) A dog walked onto our site. I didn't think anything of it - I'm a dog lover and felt bad he was wandering around lost. The dog walked between our chairs and the fire pit. Passed me and my dog, paused, turned around and came back. Stood there, sniffed my dog, and then attacked him.

I shot up and my dog was dragging the chair trying to fight off the pit. I was SCREAMING for somebody, anybody to help. My dog rolled over in submission (as he ALWAYS DOES, he's a goldendoodle) and the pit starting biting him in the stomach!! My husband got the pit by the back legs and pull him back everytime he went for Bryant's neck. He ended up getting him on the top of the head and dragging him. The cries that came from my dog were horrifying! The worst sound I have ever heard....and I will NEVER forget them. I knew if the attack didn't stop, he was going to die. I got in there and tried to separate them. That's when he latched onto my fore arm.

He dragged me by my arm a while. I was screaming for help, somehow, my husband pulled his back legs at just the right moment and wrapped Bryant's tie lease around his neck and pulled tight. It was over. I pulled my coat off and put my hand over my wounds, and went looking for my dog. Everyone was screaming at me to take care of myself but I didn't know the pit was secured and I needed to get my dog in SOMEONE'S camper! That's how blood got all over my in laws trailer.

During this WHOLE ORDEAL, the owner was 2 streets over. In a campground in the middle of nowhere, she HAD to hear my screams. When they finally came, I was already in the car on the way to the hospital. My sister in law said they didn't ask what happened, if anyone was okay...nothing. Just wanted their dog.

The aftermath

Since then, I am paralyzed by a dog barking. I look for stray dogs every time I step outside my house. Even in my own garage. I buckle in my kids constantly glancing at my driveway. I haven't been on a walk. I run into stores. If I SEE a pit bull, my heart races and I go into an almost panic mode. I make a quick plan of action in case it attacks my kids. I am SO PARANOID when I have my kids outside. I now carry around a spring loaded knife. Always. My dog will never, EVER go camping again....and I don't know if I'll ever be at ease if we do. I'll be afraid for my kids...HAVE TO PROTECT MY KIDS. There is a pit 50 yards from my house and I am ALWAYS on alert. Even when my dog is in our fenced in back yard. There is life before the attack and after. It will never be the same. 


  1. I'm so sickened to hear this. I hope you and your dog are recovering and that you will pursue justice. Best Wishes to you.

  2. I am so sorry. We need to punish people who own these dangerous dogs, because otherwise there will be more attacks.

    We also look warily for dogs. We don't even own a dog, for fear that owning a dog might cause a pit bull attack. This is years after our attack.

    I am so sad that there is so little help for people who have been through what you have been through. Its a serious issue. I can only think of for some resources.

    If I were you, and could afford it, I would take it to court. It helps to get some closure.


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