Monday, January 4, 2016

Dog attack report - year end 2015

The serious dog attacks in North America and Canada for the year 2015 have been tallied by the hard working analysts at animals 24-7, and the results are presented here for your consideration. What with the availability of cell phone cameras everywhere, leading to more and better information, the trends we've seen have become more pronounced.

The bottom line: There are over 330 dog breeds which did not kill a single person last year. Of those few breeds that did, the vast majority of fatal attacks were committed by one particular type of dog, the pit bull.

This report covers the US and Canada, but the first fatal attack of 2016 served as a grim reminder that other countries have growing pit bull problems as well - including the UK, where pit bulls are ostensibly banned. However the loopholes and exemptions, along with selective enforcement, have effectively nullified the pit bull ban, thus facilitating the sort of horrific cases like the UK man who was attacked and mauled to death by his girlfriend's pit bull while suffering an epileptic seizure on new year's day. The full US report can be seen in the link below, which also provides some information on dog attacks in foreign countries.

Record 33 fatal pit bull attacks in 2015


  1. A record 45 people were killed by dog attacks in the U.S. and Canada during 2016, including an also-record 33 people killed by pit bulls, one more than the previous record of 32, reached in 2012.
    Dogs committed 614 fatal or disfiguring attacks in the U.S. and Canada during 2015, more than Jihadists and far-right terrorists combined.

    see some pitbull dog attacking people live footage


  2. I don't like dog fighting. They are ferociously trying to hurt/kill each other and I strictly detest such games where they make dogs fight with each other.

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