Thursday, December 1, 2016

We all bear the costs of pit bull advocacy

We came across this article and found the subtitle worthy of note:


We've all been bombarded with the smarmy, well known pit bull propaganda talking points, which use faulty logic, non-sequiturs and emotionally charged civil rights terminology in an attempt to make us all feel guilty for not wanting to expose our children or our pets to unpredictable canine IEDs.

To the average man, who doesn't know anything about the bloody and violent genesis and history of the bull-baiting and pit fighting breeds, this may all sound plausible, and invoke some sort of sympathy, but what the narcissistic pit bull activists don't tell us is that we all, as a society, pay the price for their delusion.

This poor girl, one of many innocents whose lives have been touched by pit bull violence, is a solid argument for the need for change in our laws. It's time to start holding the perpetrators strictly accountable.

Do we blame pit bulls for being and doing precisely what they were designed and bred for centuries to be and to do? That's irrelevant. The blame must be placed on those who lie about the facts, who attempt to obfuscate, shift the blame and hide the danger, and traffic pit bulls into unsuspecting neighborhoods.

If we were placed in charge, this would be the policy: In the event of a pit bull attack, the pit bull is to be put down, immediately. If a citizen at the scene of the crime is able to disable or kill the pit bull to save the victim, that citizen shall be held blameless. The pit bull owner or responsible party shall be charged with the attack, and punished accordingly - not token fines, but jail time and/or serious financial penalties.

Feel free to weigh in with your feedback on our thoughts, as well as the article in the link below -

Pit bull mauling launches Newark 8 year old on 2 year trek to save her arm


  1. Why are these agencies with a public safety mission abandoning their responsibilities? One just has to look at the radicalization of America's Humane and Animal Control communities that has been festering since the 1980's. The turning point took place in the summer of 1986, when Tufts University held the Animal Control and Humane Symposium "Dog Aggression and the Pit Bull Terrier" which produced the following meme: Pit Bull Bites Are Worse, but it would be unfair to penalize Pit Bull owners. This is tantamount to Law Enforcement lobbying for laws that don't criminalize drunk driving until after the accident due to unfairness issues for drunks who haven't plowed into a family yet.. The results of the Unfairness Meme is that according to this 2010 federal study, between 1993 and 2008, Dog Bite Hospitalizations have skyrocketed a population adjusted 86 percent with the average stay costing four times that of other injuries. The Taxpayer is also bitten since 37 percent of the costs are covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

  2. three million dollars in medical bills.

    i can't imagine why the medical bill variable was not included in Ledy's BSL calculator.

  3. The offending dog owner should also be held responsible, at least in part, for medical expenses caused by an attack. No one will be able to pay $3 million, but some of it ought to come out of the owner's hide.

  4. If I made the law these dogs would be spayed and neutered into extinction. Importing one or breeding one would be a felony. In a few years the problem would be gone.

  5. I see this as no different from the uphill battle faced by the opponents of drunk driving. Drunk driving didn't USED to carry such stiff penalties, after all, 'they didn't mean to hurt no one'. But in the case of the drunk driver AND the pit owner, these is a definite level of GROSS negligence when willful ignorance causes injury and death.


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