Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tears for Prada

There is an epidemic of animal abuse, and it's taking place in American communities, where 100 to 200 innocent pets are violently killed by pit bulls every day. Each of these victims has their own story. This is about Prada, but her story is hauntingly familiar to many thousands of bereaved pet owners.

Prada, a therapy dog who helped her family though times of loss and sadness, loved them unconditionally. She truly loved, and was loved.

That was tragically cut short when she was let into her yard, and within seconds, the neighbor's pit bull had set on her her with ferocity and cruelty, as the pit bull owners next door watched the massacre and listened to her screams.

As is virtually always the case, neither the killer, not the people who had inflicted the horror show on their community, faced any consequences whatsoever. The bereaved owner was left to bury their beloved, and grieve.

The killer shouldn't even have been alive, as it had already attacked another pet 2 weeks earlier. Animal control had done nothing about it, a common response to pit bull attacks. At some point, we have to ask - what is it going to take, to begin holding accountable those responsible for crimes like these?

Rest in peace, baby girl. You are sorely missed.

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