Friday, May 31, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

Here is a pie chart of the fatal dog attacks on humans in the US since Jan 1 2008

pit bulls (red) are responsible for the vast majority of these fatalities.

There is an interactive graph with much more detail here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dog fighting and animal cruelty

An article appeared today on Craven Desires today which makes a point with heart breaking eloquence, a point which I have pondered for some time, and which must certainly haunt every human being who has the slightest sympathy for animals.

The dog fighters are condemned for having created pit bulls, and for continuing to breed them for their original purpose, which was to engage an animal in a sustained attack and to continue the attack regardless of pain and injury suffered, regardless of what the victim does. When 2 fighting dogs who want nothing more than to tear each other apart are allowed to fight it's a sad commentary on the humans who take pleasure in this, but what's infinitely more cruel is the daily slaughter of the innocents that we're seeing, when these fighting dogs attack, torture, main and kill innocent family pets who have no desire to fight. 

I've long been puzzled by those who are ostensibly motivated by compassion, who are outraged at the idea that pit bulls are pitted against each other, who think of the pit bulls involved as pitiful victims, but when pit bulls, doing what they are wired for, jump out of moving cars or second story windows to savage sweet, docile dogs, miniature ponies, or alpacas in their own yards, they express no outrage, have no compassion for the victims, and make no call to end the suffering? 

One can only conclude that their supposed compassion is some sort of twisted, evil game. 

See the article at Craven Desires for the full story