Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Report from the trenches: Holiday edition

Pit bulls are ruining the quality of life in our communities.

We've decided to keep the identity of this person anonymous, for their own sake, but their experience resonates with that of millions -  

My experience with these hideous blood sport breeds started in 2004 and has been non stop bad experience after bad experience. 

I have been attacked three times, family has been attacked, there have been multiple extreme attacks on community members within a 100' of my home, there have been multiple extreme attacks and multiple human fatalities with an hour's drive of my home, there have been multiple Pit Bull attacks on dogs and cats near me, my own dog was attacked three time in front of my house, my dogs have been attacked in public in parks, etc., too many times to count, my cats and my community cats have been mauled or killed, my favorite dog park was shut down due to the huge number of Pit Bull attacks and I am sure I have left out quite a bit.

I have had to change my entire life style. I have to keep weaponry on my porch to protect from the next Pit attack, be it on me or my loved ones or a passerby. I have not walked my community in six years. I am a very active person and love to walk and hike or jog. Not being able to step out my door when I have a spare hour and take a quick walk or run has had a major impact on me. I have had to quit running. Having to load up my dogs in a car to drive somewhere safe takes a toll on time I don't have. Having to keep multiple dogs to protect me and them from a Pit Bull attack is not something I ever wanted to do, but feel a need to do. None of the joys in my life are simple anymore, it is all about keeping me and my loved ones safe from the next Pit Bull attack. 

The worst part is the venom and hatred spewed by Pit Bull supporters at victims of their hideous breed AND the tolerance of others for these haters. Who would ridicule and mock a rape victim, child abuse victim, or survivors of somebody that has been murdered and do so with the blessing of society as a whole? Yet it happens all the time with Pit Bull attack victims. 

My catharsis is to shout it from the roof tops, educate and inform people, expose these hideous monsters and the breed they love, and to provide a safe place for others to come to learn about the breed to give them the information they need to be effective in fighting this plague at any level of government, among family, friends, and / or coworkers, or where ever a need presents itself.