Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Voices of the victims - one family's story

About three years after being attacked by a pit bull, our Poodle died. After the attack, she was never the same. She experienced seizures and never jumped or ran and played again.

The night of the attack, after coming home from the Vet, I woke up at 3 am-ish to find her seemingly frozen solid. I put my hand on her body and did not feel a heartbeat or a breath. I panicked thinking she was dead and was dreading waking my wife to tell her. Instead, she opened her eyes, took a breathe and came back to life.

She never played, or ran, or jumped again. It felt like she had aged 10 years in one night.

My wife is heartbroken but I know we did everything we could to make her ending great.

I beat that pitbull in the head with a brick and I saved m dog's life and I am now a strong believer in the Pit Bull abolishment movement.

In happier times
Protect and love your babies. Their lives are short and should be amazing.