Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dog, interrupted - by death and mayhem

South Carolina former Pit Bull owner speaks out bravely, following her own devastating realisation that Pit Bull control is an illusion, and that placing faith in a bloodsport dog very often means mayhem and death. In her own words:

"Here is a photo of my pitbull playing fetch with my Boston terrier, Nala. A year later Nala would be killed tragically by the same dog I raised from a pup that came as a rescue from a close friend.

Less than a month later she killed my cat who she was also raised with. I made the heart wrenching decision to have her put down because of the risk she could do it again and it could have been a child. It's a punch in the gut when you think your doing everything right to raise a balanced pitbull and they take your perception and flip it upside down.

Moral of the never know you have one that will kill until it does. For people who say it's how they are raised they are full of excuses and lack any form of empathy for people who did let an adorable "pibble" into their lives."