Thursday, June 19, 2014

I just saved my dogs life

Lucy says:

The pit bull across the street (a new one) darted across the street into my yard and started going after my Chihuahua and ran in side my house trying to catch her. I have this combo mace/alarm siren device and a knife I always carry on me. I deployed the siren, dropped the mace, opened up my knife. It was complete mayhem. Both of my daughters and my husband were trying to get the pitbull away from our Chihuahua. The pitbull then ran outside and the owner of the pitbull face planted on our driveway and was all bloodied from trying to get his pitbull under control. I stabbed it between the shoulder blades in the back, and it took off across the street back to his house with the bloody owner chasing it. I stood in the driveway and screamed at the top of my lungs. My husband told me to get into the house which I did. My girls came with me while my husband talked to the owner. I do believe that, this time, I was prepared. I managed to save my dogs life.
Roxanne, safe after the attack
Update: the owner of the Land shark that came into our house to attack our dog didn't know that I stabbed the beast until he read the police report today. He called the police to press charges against me and they said "Absolutely Not".

Update - the owner of the mauler that tried to kill Roxanne has concocted a story to peddle to social media:

 The all too predictable reaction from those eager to form a lynch mob:

Unfortunately this is quite typical after a pit bull goes on a killing spree. The pit bull owner paints himself and his mauler as victims, and spreads his own narrative. Lying comes to these people as easily as breathing comes to most of us. (Fortunately the post above was removed once the fraud was discovered - but the damage has been done)

The epidemic of pit bull violence against pets, livestock and companion animals is horrific, and getting worse every decade. Roxanne was blessed to have an owner who was ready and willing to defend her.


  1. Kudos to you for saving your dog. There are far too many pit bull home invasions where people are either too stunned to act in a timely fashion or they are physically unable to stop the invading mauler.

    Sometimes people come home to a nightmare scene of blood spattered walls, blood soaked carpets and the mangled corpses of their beloved pets, who were trying to find a safe place inside their own home, victims of loose pit bulls.

    It's a shame that the narcissistic sociopaths who promote these unpredictable torturers insist on their right to force their maulers on our neighborhoods. It forces decent people to have to think about the unthinkable, and to prepare to do what none of us wants to have to do.

  2. In my not so humble opinion, you can't do better than observing "Craven's Law" to the best of your ability: "Never, under any circumstances, let an attacking pit bull leave your property alive"

  3. this attack must not have occurred in ledy's state. it seems that you must happily submit to these monsters in illinois.

    craven's law. lol.

  4. I will add my voice to the rest, kudos to you for successfully saving your dog. Hard to believe a dog owner (of a short haired dog) could miss stab wounds, but this IS a pit owner we're talking about. Glad he wasn't able to press charges. I would get a handgun for next time, if there is a next time you may have to defend yourself against the owner as well.

  5. I think knives are a wonderful option, when dispatching these things. I am so happy that you and your dog are alive and well.

  6. Commemorating a third year without my dog, How I wish I had been armed that day and killed the beast that invaded my property. Glad to know people are now taking matters into their own hands, when seconds count, you must be prepared.

    1. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I understand. Be ready for the next one and pray there isn't one. I say "Walk softly, but carry a sharp knife - and pray you never have to use it".

  7. The Admins for ManchVegas Alerts immediately removed the post when they realized they'd been duped. I think the Admins handled it properly and swiftly once it was determined to be false. I documented the threats from the comments section (sharkfest) and am working with council at this time. It was a whopping lie the owners told.

  8. At least this story is for once not another condemnation of pit bulls. Kudos 17Barks. I would however have your neighbor euthanized as quickly as possible.

  9. Appreciate your feedback @crrwrites, but be advised that the anticipated reactions of pit bull activists simply have no bearing on what we publish.

    We do not go out of our way to offend them, neither do we attempt to curry favor with them.

    We tell it like it is, and let the chips fall where they may.

  10. How could ANYONE let their dog out of control like that? Don't you people keep your dogs contained?

  11. We should be ashamed at all remaining aspects of permitted animal cruelty in our mainly civilized countries. Historically, however, things do gradually change for the better. One tiny local example of this was when, in 2004, the law in Britain was changed so that people were no longer permitted to set dogs onto deer, hares and foxes etc so that these animals could be literally torn apart. Those activities were in a similar league to cock fighting and dog fighting and no one would seek to justify bringing those back – or wouldn’t they in a world where people still go to cheer watching bulls being tortured to death. Looking for large dog breeds for families Wondering what large dog breeds are good with kids or would be good for apartments Find out here A complete list of large dog breeds


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