Monday, May 8, 2017

Yet another sweet, harmless dog mauled to death by a pit bull

Berkeley, California, May 2017.

Last night, she took a photograph of her sweet pet dog and herself together.
Then he was mauled and killed by a Pit Bull in his own yard. One moment, "we were so happy", and the next, heartbroken, bereaved and traumatised. This is the lasting legacy of Pit Bulls; the dog that is MEANT to kill other dogs, to enjoy it, or to die trying.

In the owner's words:

"As I sit here and try to understand today's events I cannot do anything but have a heavy heart.

@ 10:25 am I took my precious dog into my backyard to handle his business and he was attacked by a neighbors pit bull.
How that pit bull was able to come on my property is a mystery, however damages were done .

I yelled "get your dog before I shoot". 3 times I yelled this, dude broke down my fence to get his damn dog - he could not get his pit off my dog , he had to literally take a shovel and beat the shit out of his dog to get him to let mine go....
My dog bleeding and yelling, neighbor screaming they sorry, my dog bleeding more and yelping in pain .

Animal control did show up and took the pit to be put to sleep.
My dog lost his life in Berkeley, ca at the vets hospital, his wounds were so extensive ...

Now, I'm angry, mad, upset, sad and depressed, my daughter crying uncontrollably, she would not let me console her, she was mortified that our precious dog is now deceased because a fucking idiot did not secure his fence, knowing he was breeding pit bulls on his property.

Emotional damage this has caused my family is unconceivable.
He was family, he sleep with me every night, we played , laughed and had good times . Now he is a memory."

Now, he is a memory. 😭

Tears for the innocent 😢😢😢

This happens every single day in our communities. Let that sink in.



  1. Pit bulls inflicted 99% of the total fatal attacks on other animals (43,000); 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520); 95% of the fatal attacks on livestock (5,700) and on small mammals and poultry (16,150); and 94% of the fatal attacks on cats (11,280). There is no need for pit bulls.

  2. There was her mistake- allowing him to get the dog. Should have shot it to death and saved hers.


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