Monday, June 5, 2017

No animal deserves to die this way

"No animal deserves to die this way. Baby boy, baby boy.. I don't know where to start but no words will describe the love I have and always will have for you.:( 

I was walking my dog on our usual route we have walked for years. We were just a few blocks away from home when 3 pit bulls came out of no where / escaped the kennel they were locked in and attacked him. Watching my entire world get fought over like a chew toy was the most traumatizing thing I have ever experinced. He looked right in to my eyes like he was begging me to get them off of him and I tried. I tried and tried and tried and I wish I would have tried harder because now he is gone and I don't know what to do. He didn't deserve it. He was the best dog I have ever owned. I still can not grasp that he is gone.. 

Rest in peace baby boy. I am not okay with out you right now. I wish I would have known it was our last walk."


Tears for the innocent.

Link to news report


  1. I agree, pit bulls should be spayed and neutered into extinction. There is just no reason to have these volatile dogs, anywhere. Nothing good ever comes from them. I'm so sorry about your dog, I have a long hair collie and I fought a pit off him once. I got lucky, it wasn't DEAD game and it was only one dog. I don't open my front door without my knife IN MY HAND now, there are just too many imbeciles out there with pit bulls.

  2. PS: I hope you sue the shit out of the pit owner. And get a gun, learn how to use it. Next time they attack, END them.

  3. This has to got to be the one of the most horrific things that a dog owner faces nowdays. I am so terribly sorry your dog was killed by these animals that aren't even pets. What a beautiful Collie, what a loss. I am sure you are heartbroken beyond words but these pit bull owners need to be sued and their dogs put down. No dog deserves to be attacked by a pit bull, they're everywhere and everyone's pets are at risk. Children, the elderly, livestock and wildlife are killed by these murderous dogs that do not stop once they begin their attack. God watch over you. Healing will take time but you'll never stop missing such a wonderful companion.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Our two year old horse was viciously attacked and succumbed to the injuries from the attack just two weeks ago. We are angry and heartbroken over this ordeal. We have no pit bull or vicious dog ordinances so it is very possible it could happen again.

  5. Oh my gosh... I am actually in tears reading your story. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog. I couldn't agree more with the previous comments, far too long have these monsters gone without concequences for their merciless killings. There is no need for this breed to even exist. My sheltie puppy (5 months old) was attacked by a loose pitbull, people walking it weren't the owners and were very high. They didn't do anything about the attack for a good 5 minutes while I fought it off the best I could, I didn't have anything to use against it except my bare hands, getting injured in the process.. I'll never forget the way my dog screamed for help. The whole event replays in my head everyday.. However we are lucky to be alive, my puppy had to have emergency surgery but he has recovered.I never leave the house without a knife and dog spray (no guns in Canada). The pitbull owners that defend this breed literally make me sick. How can anyone defend something that has consistently killed more people, dogs, livestock etc. Than every other breed combined??!? No matter how you raise and nurture them, nature always wins.


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