Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dog attack report by breed - updated June 2011

The animal people have updated their comprehensive and meticulously researched dog attack report with additional attacks since June 2010. Pit bulls have not only held onto the spot as the number one killer, but are widening their lead over other breeds in this deadly race. The number of people killed by pit bulls and close pit mixes in the US since 1982 has now surpassed 200. 

This represents a sharp increase in violent pit bull attacks over previous decades. Rottweilers are a distant second place with 77 deaths over the same period. The only other breeds responsible for more than 10 deaths over the same time period are Huskies (21), Wolf Hybrids (19) and German Shepherds (11).

Pit bulls also lead in the number of violent attacks with approximately 2000 during the period studied. Rottweilers, with 476 violent attacks, were the only other type of dog with over 100 attacks recorded.

Download the full report (PDF)


  1. thanks for the Animal People update.

    rather than focus on the usual suspects responsible for deaths:
    1 chihuahua
    0 cocker spaniels
    1 dachshund
    0 dalmatians
    0 greyhounds
    0 mini pins
    0 pointers
    1 pomeranian
    0 poodles
    0 pugs
    0 shih tzus

  2. It's amazing that the breeds Craven listed are highly popular and highly abused if you so happen to watch Animal Cops. Yet these dogs have yet to kill anyone to the propensity of the pit bull despite poor or abusive upbringing. Amazing!

  3. Chihuahuas, Dachshunds and Pomeranians are not normally considered dangerous. The fact that each breed was responsible for the death of a human serves as a grim reminder that all dogs require a certain amount of respect. Infants and children are especially vulnerable to dog attacks, even from the smallest breeds.


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