Friday, July 27, 2012

Pit bull atrocities - the gentle victims

An Texas family in East Montgomery County awoke to a horrific scene early Thursday morning, and discovered 15 of their sheep were dead or dying, having been brutally mauled by a pair of pit bulls that were allowed to roam the neighborhood.

Can any who call themselves animal lovers not be saddened and enraged to learn of such gentle creatures forced to suffer so, at the hands of purpose bred killers?

A wolf, a coyote or a mountain lion might kill a sheep out of hunger. But well-fed pit bulls seem to torture their victims for the pure joy of it, tails wagging, leisurely tearing apart their gentle, long-suffering victims.

It's saddening that these sheep were so brutally and cruelly torn apart in the one place they ought to have been completely safe. Even worse, although the family that kept the sheep had been victimized by the same pit bulls on previous occasions, there has been no legal relief for them. The marauding pit bulls are still running loose, and the owner of the pit bulls is not facing any charges.

Read the article at Craven Desires (warning, graphic images of pit bull victims):


  1. Only pit bulls and pit-type dogs. No other animal in the universe does this kind of thing as a matter of course. It took 400 years of human genetic engineering, selecting for a specific psychopathic genetic abnormality, to produce the pit type / fighting bulldog type dog. 400 years of intensive human selection -- that's how unnatural the pit bull is.

    It disgusts me when people even call them dogs. That's like saying Charles Manson is typical standard human.

    It disgusts me yet more that our lawmakers are ignoring the problem -- not only when it's about something they could think of as 'mere sheep', but also where it's our CHILDREN being mauled and killed the same way.

    GIVEN the way our lawmakers are letting us and our children down, I'm forced to say: I hope we see more and more vigilante justice towards pit bulls. Shoot, stab, or otherwise kill the genetically engineered and now roaming mauler the moment you feel threatened or feel that your child or dog or other domestic animal is threatened. Don't do the NICE and APOLOGETIC victim-stance thing of saying, 'gee, no it hadn't bit or mauled anything yet.' Say the truth: 'I saw it coming at me [my child, my dog, my horse, my sheep] and it was clearly in attack mode.'

    I won't say we should also shoot the overly entitled fashion-conscious, pathologically egoistic/narcissistic, negligent consumerists who choose pit bulls. But it would certainly be good if we used other means -- social control -- to drive them out of our neighborhoods, making them feel like spit-upon, despised, outcast vermin the moment they parade with a pit bull (instead of the Lion Tamer admiration they're narcissisticly hoping for), not even waiting until their pit bull hurts another living creature.

    I hope above all that we'll be making clear to our legislators, whose primary responsibility is public health and safety (not pit-bull welfare, nor the welfare of the anti-social types that want pit bulls), that failure to control this problem will cost them big time in any next election.

    So sick of this...

  2. No other dogs kill sheep? Despite what you think dogs are still predators. Dogs going after multiple animals is not uniquely Pit bull either.
    Dobie/Collie cross kills 10 sheep:
    Sheep killings:
    Malamute cattle killings:
    Rottweiler cattle killings:


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