Monday, April 29, 2013

Pit bull attack on Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Trail

We are posting this report, which occurred in BC, Canada and was originally published on craigslist, as a public service announcement, in the hope that it will be of use in tracking down the sociopaths involved in this attack, and most likely other similar attacks.

Update - 20130509 - an arrest has been made

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The original craigslist post:

"Not sure where to post this but my friend and I were walking on this trail (april 22) during our lunch break and we came across a dog fight (although it did not look like much of a fight) A pitbull had attacked this mans poor little mini sheltie dog, this sheltie looked badly injured and was bleeding a lot. The two men were yelling at each other and I was the one that broke the two men up from fighting. 

I am hoping that other people saw this as the man with the pitbull and his girlfriend RAN to get to their black pick-up truck to flee, leaving this poor man and his injured dog. The man with the pitbull was mad at the other for kicking his dog so he would release, clearly his dog deserved it as the other dog was so injured and bleeding it could not walk.

I have pictures of this man and his girlfriend; I also have a picture of their black pickup truck as the girl ran to get the truck while the man took off in a different direction with both of their dogs to get as far away as possible. I would keep your eyes out for this couple, I have been getting many responses about this post and by the sound of it this might not be his first offence.

Male description: White male, shaved bald head, about 5'8-5'10, stocky build and a foul mouth! He was wearing a white tank top and red shorts at the time of the attack. 

Female description: White female (perhaps Italian, had a darker tanned skin tone, or someone that tans a lot) short about 5'2-5'4, slim build. Wearing what looked to be black boy cut underwear a black tank and a large black sweater with large black sunglasses. 

Two dogs: Pitbull - Grey with white markings, looked like staffy size. The second dog looked like a English Bull Dog tan color very short and stalky.

To the man with the pitbull, you do not even deserve to be called a man. People like you are the people that give pitbulls a bad name. Your dog clearly attacked and injured this little dog, and anyone in their right mind would kick a dog that has locked their jaw on another. You are a coward and deserve to be punished. You need to be responsible for the poor upbringing of your dog, you need to own up and pay for this mans vet bills and hopefully his dog survives this horrible attack. There are cameras in the buildings surrounding the area that you ran from, you are on tape so be a decent person and turn yourself in. 

Anyone with any information please help these people. I have been in contact with the owner now and their dog has been through two surgeries and had been back to the hospital many times. This poor little sheltie is fighting for her life. Not to mention the owner of the sheltie had to get ten stitches as the pitbull attacked him as well."

Update - 20130502 Helpful summary graphic published


  1. global news picked it up and published more photos. they will catch this puke.

    1. I hope they catch this shithead. They have enough pictures of him and his getaway vehicle - looks like a heavy duty pickup.

    2. Thanks Dawn, updated post with that info

  2. While anti BSL, pro pit advocates celebrate what they consider victories. We mourn another death . Thus far this year there have been 11 fatal dog attacks in the U.S. In every one of these deaths only one breed (type) of dog has been the killer .The pit bull has been the only type of dog to take human life so far this year. Please Pray for the families and loved ones of the following .(Beau Rutledge, 2 years old)(Jordyn Arndt 4 years old )( Claudia Gallardo, 38 years old ) (Tyler Jett, 7 years old ) (Monica Renee Laminack, 21 months old) (Daxton Borchardt, 14 months old ) ( Ryan Maxwell, 7 years old ) (Isaiah Aguilar, 2 years old ) ( Esile Grace, 91 years old ) (Christian Gormanous, 4 years old ) (Betty Todd, 65 years old ) What kind of people find celebration while lives are lost. At this rate within the next 10 to 20 days We will be adding another innocent victim to this list. Please join Us to bring regulation that will reduce the mauling and killing.

  3. Pit Bull owners You have chosen the most likely to maul or kill breed/type of dog. You have the biggest responsibility not only to keep your dog secure but to educate others that own these dogs about that responsibility . Spreading the nanny dog myth, media hype myth, coconuts kill more myth, they have to be trained to attack myth and so on is hurting Your cause when people believe these myths innocent lives are lost. When innocent lives are lost BSL becomes the only solution. So stop the myths and the breeding if You care about Your pit bull . It is Your actions that bring BSL . This is My pit bull advocate tip for the day.

  4. Sabine May 1.2013
    People please get together to get the laws changed,so that the owners of dogs, that kill other dogs and also bite a human as it happend in this case get prosecuted and have to serve time.If the police find him they will charge him any way,because he pulled a knife on the owner of the poor sheltie.
    I watched on TV and I was saddend,Iwas thinking of the sheltie every day.There was no more on TV ,not knowing drove me crazy.
    Thank you for your post ,at least I know that the sheltie is still with us.
    I own a Bullterrier and she is a sweetheart.I also voluntier at the
    SPCA and we get pitbulls in from time to time and I never had to deal with a bad one.
    Remember that the owners turn them into beasts the dogs aren't born this way.

  5. wall of shame. these inhumane people should be charged to the fullest extent of the law.


  6. sabine
    you are wrong about pit bulls not being bred this way . if its all down to bad owners we would have all kinds of different breeds hitting the news and thats just not the case.

    p.s. one day your sweetie may surprise you by showing you something you didnt think was there. be prepared .


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