Sunday, December 1, 2013

Boom, the gentle pit bull

One thing we've been noticing here is that as the number and severity of pit bull maulings rises, the propaganda campaign from the pit activists ramps up in an attempt to divert attention from the violence. We've all seen the media hyped stories of pit bull "heroes" - perhaps a pit bull barks when a fire starts in the trailer - something any dog would do, but when a pit bull does it, it's heralded as a legendary exploit. Single-source, unverified stories of pit bulls performing heroic tasks are quite common, and tend to spread quickly, despite the absence of proof.

There is a popular meme among pit activists which takes the form of an image of a pit bull (not torturing a victim, but rather posed in some harmless looking way, using some cute looking props) featuring a caption that ridicules the idea that a pit bull could possibly be dangerous. The image below features "Boom" the pit bull:

The idea behind these memes seems to be "Hey, if we can show this picture of a pit bull not killing a miniature poodle, that proves that pit bulls don't kill miniature poodles, right?"

As it turns out, "Boom" does indeed appear to be "your typical violent and aggressive pit bull", which is to say that it is perfectly capable of posing for an innocent looking picture one day, and the next day mauling the blind, elderly miniature poodle belonging to the widow next door. 

Boom is owned by Carla Ann Thomas, who has multiple animal cruelty convictions. Boom was witnessed by at least a dozen people committing a completely unprovoked attack on a little dog at a canine fly ball competition. For more info on the real Boom, kindly refer to the article Profile of a responsible pit bull owner at  Craven Desires

When you see cute pictures like the one above, remember that they are carefully staged to produce warm fuzzy feelings, and remember the daily reality of pit bull attacks on innocent animals. The survivors can be seen in pictures like this:


  1. Thank you for putting the truth out there!

  2. The picture looks fake anyway - it might have fooled people a few years ago, but it's beginning to look like a poor fake in modernity.

    So much for Boom. People need to face reality, not drown in their 'I wish' emotions. Reality is hard when it comes to Pit Bulls - it's bloody, gruesome and salutory.


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