Monday, March 23, 2015

Kind-hearted Rhona

Her name was Rhona Greve; she was 64 years old, and she will forever be 64 years old. She was a Welsh woman with a good heart, who had brought up her errant grandson, Craig Greve, 24, as though he was her very own son. 

He was to become the deadly instigator of her death.

Banned 3 years ago from EVER keeping another dog again, he decided the law did not apply to him, and he became the owner of an American Bulldog called Solo. On Friday, he paid a visit to his loving grandmother and he took Solo with him. Solo savaged the woman that loved Craig and who had cared for him all of his miserable life, inflicting 16 horrific 'bite injuries' that culminated in her ghastly death.

Since 1999, 4,263 Welsh people have been admitted to hospital suffering from dog attacks. Rhona Greve did not survive her injuries to become one of them.

She is dead. Forever. Her family are said to be distraught, but did any one of them step up and report her grandson who was clearly breaking the law?

A 17 year old youth was also arrested after the killing; is it possible that this sweet woman had yet another errant grandson?

At the scene, Solo the American Bulldog was covered in blood and continuing to be ferocious.

The case has now prompted those in positions of power to be asked to impose more breed specific bans on certain breeds of dogs, and to make ownership of those dogs more difficult, alongside restrictions on who can own them. American Bulldogs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers AND their deadly crossbreeds are LONG overdue for these regulations.

Rhona is dead. And soon, if not already, Solo will also be gone.

But there are other Rhonas, other Craigs, other Solos. A grandmother, a grandson and a dangerous breed of dog. When stars collide and the universe offers up a preventable canine tragedy, we see again and again THE USUAL BREED CULPRITS; the Fighting breed dogs posing as PETS.

Rest in peace, kind-hearted Rhona.

Welsh woman mauled to death


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