Monday, April 6, 2015

Dog attack report - 1Q 2015

We last presented the dog attack statistics on January 2nd of this year to wrap up 2014. In the 12 weeks since the previous report, there were 132 Americans injured, 95 maimed, and 6 mauled to death by pit bulls. The only other fatality so far this year was a single death from a Rottweiler, and no other breeds have committed a fatal or disfiguring attack to date. 

Gruesome pit bull attack caught on camera

There is one fact that stands out in stark clarity, when the data is examined: The breed of dog is, by far, the most significant determinant of risk in dog attacks. No other factor comes close to mattering on anywhere near the same scale.

Breakdown of fatal dog attacks over the past 34 years 

In all the serious dog attacks which have been reported since 1982 for which breed could be determined, pit bulls committed more than twice as many of the attacks as all other breeds combined.

The 5 most dangerous breeds

The list of the top 5 worst offending breeds has not changed since last report, except that pit bulls have increased their lead over all other types of dogs. 

Sadly, the record of pit bull violence against humans is just the tip of the iceberg. The real horror is the savagery with which pit bulls torture and kill pets and farm animals. Their lot is orders of magnitude worse. We pan to address that issue in more detail.

An innocent victim of everyday pit bull violence

The full report which tallies the North American dog attacks on humans since 1982, broken down by breed, can be read in full here:  Dog attack stats with breed - 2015 Q1

Discussion: Neighbor's pit bull attacked my dog!

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  1. I read the entire thread, "Neighbor's pit bull attacked my dog!" It's SICK that family has to live next to that fugly mauler after it killed two of their pets and it's SICK that the mauler's owner forces them to endure it! It's sadism!


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