Friday, October 30, 2015

A dear little friend mauled to death

It breaks our heart to see this sort of thing, but the sad fact of the matter is that pit bulls and their owners are literally getting away with murder on a daily basis. This is a glimpse at just one tragedy among hundreds every day inflicted by purpose bred torturers which are being hyped as family pets.

"Last Friday the 24th, I went out into my garage to find a pit and another dog circling my car. I shooed them away with a push broom and watched their retreat. Several houses down, the pit bull reached down a lifted up the body of a lifeless cat. With no regard for my safety, I ran toward the pit and took the cat away from him. It was my little buddy Sly."

"7 years of companionship and love gone in the instant it took this mindless killer to grab and break his neck. I've enclosed 2 photos. 1 showing how much Sly was loved, the 2nd showing what can happen to our lives when 4 legged killing machines wander from neighborhood to neighborhood. Sly was loved and the pain still hurts."

Bob from Springdale, Arkansas


  1. For the first time, we have a dog with whom cats don't have a prayer. Come to think of it, neither does any other dog breed. Small children about as helpless as can be when a pit bull attacks. They're coming away missing an eye, like Zainabou Drame, Chase Anthony, Kevin Vicente, and Amaya Hess. Some have.their tongues ripped out, like the last two. When is it enough?

  2. The LAW requires that all dogs be restrained at all times. At least in Ohio.
    Over 700 cities and all military installations have banned these dogs.
    Rationalizing that a cat being restrained would somehow prevent a canine from mauling or killing is lunacy. The feline is just another victim of this bastard breed.

    1. True, but there is no enforcement of the law at all, except AFTER someone is nearly or actually dead, if then.

  3. Cats should be free to roam just as much as anything else, the dogs should be kept under control not the innocent cats!!!!!!!!


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