Saturday, July 13, 2019

Pit bull propaganda, victim ridicule, and a horrific death

In a typical example of victim-ridicule, pit activist Mark Biancofiore wrote, in a post with pictures of his pit bull to the "I love Staffies" Facebook group:

"This is my boy Junior. absolutely vicious dog, hugs you so tight you cant breathe, smile that makes your heart melt when you see it and kisses that make it all better"

A loving owner, a happy dog. Obviously not abused or mistreated.

Fast forward to July 2019 - this lovingly raised, socialized, well-treated pit bull launched a horrific 45-minute attack on this man's wheelchair bound father, killing him.

This is the common case, as in virtually every pit bull attack, the survivors express complete shock and surprise.

Bottom line: If this man had chosen literally any other breed, his father would be alive today.

Original references - which may disappear at some point
2014 Facebook post about the killer dog
Article - Melbourne man killed by son's pit bull

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  1. this pic was posted 16 days after the published date of the news link above.

    these people are twisted beyond comprehension


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